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We saw a need...

As creative, Catholic business owners, we recognize an opportunity for the Church when we see it. One of our favorite quotes is from Blessed John Henry Newman, “The Church changes in order to remain the same.”  The impact of technology in society and in the lives of our students requires a fresh look at the way we educate.  Catholic education is changing in order to stay the same.

Achieving the vital goals in Catholic education today requires us to change some of our educational methods and our school cost models.  Today’s students learn, play, and socialize through technology every day.  In our connected world, to be truly successful, we must meet them where they are.  It is also critically important to properly form and train Catholic teachers in this new method.  Teachers are the foundation needed to imbue and maintain a strong Catholic identity in our children. In the words of St. John Bosco: “ is a thing of the heart, authentic formation of young people requires the personalized accompanying of a teacher”.

By partnering with K 12 International Inc., the technology and curriculum available through Serviam Education offers a proven solution. K12 is the largest and most successful online curriculum provider in the world; the mission of Serviam is to use these modern tools to enable the highest quality student-centered online education to the Catholic Church.  This new model of education also brings a new financial model that a diocese or school can implement on a child by child basis.  Serviam Education offers a solution that allows you to grow before spending millions on a facilities and staff.  The effectiveness of what we offer is only possible when it is infused with a strong Catholic identity in the teachers and curriculum.  Serviam Education can train and prepare teachers to use the most modern online educational resources, teaching from a Catholic worldview and wrapped in a quality Catholic experience.  We can enable you to do just that.

Those at Serviam Education are driven by a love for the Church and the desire to help bring the Gospel message to as many as possible.  We know the best way to accomplish that mission is to help you thrive in meeting all your Catholic education goals.


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