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Catholic Schools 2010-2011

Catholic K-12 education has been a backbone of American life for generations. Countless children have been formed in the halls of Catholic schools and have been thankful for the experience. And more than the intellectual education provided them; they (and the rest of us) are stronger because of the Catholic identity which has been engraved on their hearts.

Serviam Education proposes online education as a means to keep the momentum of great Catholic education going strong for many more generations.  As 58% of the average Catholic schools budget is staff and offerings, our capabilities give Catholic schools a new option: utilize proven 21st century technology to reduce costs, expand programs and redefine the business model for Catholic schools.

During the past school year, 34 new schools opened their doors.

NCEA data 2010-2011 

NCEA data 2010-2011

Online education brings results...


Carpe Diem began as a traditional, state charter school serving 280 students in grades 6 to 12. But when it lost its building lease eight years ago, Carpe Diem had to slash its budget and question every assumption about what a “school” should look like. It turned to blended learning.

A large room filled with 280 cubicles with computers—similar in layout to a call center—sits in the middle of Carpe Diem’s current building. Students rotate every 55 minutes between self-paced online learning in this large learning center and face to-face instruction in traditional classrooms. When students are learning online in the learning center, paraprofessionals offer instant direction and help as students encounter difficulties. In the traditional classroom, a teacher re-teaches, enhances, and applies the material introduced online. Students attend class four days a week, although the days are longer (7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Only students who need extra assistance come to the school on Friday.

Carpe Diem hires only six full-time certified teachers: one each for math, language arts, science, physical education, social studies, and electives. Each teacher assumes responsibility for all of the students in the school for his or her subject expertise; for example, the math teacher alone provides all face-to-face math instruction that the 273 students receive throughout the week, no matter the course. With only six certified teachers plus the support staff of assistant coaches, guidance counselors, aides, and administrators, the savings are substantial, which allows Carpe Diem to pay its teachers at or above district salaries with a better benefit plan than that of other schools in the area.

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